The TP5 and SOLO Sensor bundle is the ideal accessory kit for cyclists who want to pair their heart rate and bike sensors to both ANT+ devices and iOS/Android apps simultaneously. With dual Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ technology, the sensors are compatible will all popular fitness apps and ANT+ bike computers and watches.  


TP5 is the ultimate all-in-one heart rate monitor designed for both professional runners and cyclists as well as fitness fanatics of all levels. Tracking accurate heart rate, running cadence, HRV and calorie burn, TP5 is the ideal solution for athletes who want to record data to their favourite fitness apps including, Zwift, Peloton, Wahoo Fitness, Trainerroad, Kinomap, Polar Beat and many more. Using our proprietary CBA9  ECG Chip, TP5 is not only our most accurate heart rate monitor yet, it offers and industry leading 900+ hours battery life from a replaceable coin cell battery.


To help you know when the heart rate monitor is ready to use, Red and Blue LED lights will flash. The Red light indicates TP5 is awake and has detected a heart beat. The Blue LED will flash when it is ready to pair in Bluetooth and ANT+ to a fitness app or ANT+ device. 


TP5 is available with a choice of two chest belts: Super-Soft or BodyFit 3


SOLO Speed and Cadence Sensors are the lightest and most compact solution for tracking your speed and cadence data in real time. Ideal for those who want to swap their sensors from bike to bike without replacing and fixing cable ties. Tracking your speed and distance has never been easier, simply attach the speed sensor to the front or rear wheel hub and the cadence sensor to your left crank arm using one ultra-strong elasticated rubber band you're good to go.

Using both Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ technology the sensor is compatible with most popular Android and iOS cycling apps and ANT+ bike computers. No Magnets, No Cable Ties and No Worries. 

​Benefits of SOLO:

  • No cable ties to break and replace
  • No magnets to lose and replace
  • Smaller and Lighter than magnet sensors
  • Compatible with most road and mountain bikes


Important Information: SOLO Speed & Cadence Sensors are shipped with a battery isolator sticker to preserve the battery life during transit. Please follow the instructions and remove the battery isolator sticker before trying to use.

TP5 Heart Rate Monitor & SOLO Speed/Cadence Sensor Bundle

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  • SOLO Speed & Cadence Features:

    • Speed range: 3-55 mph
    • Cadence range: 15-220 rpm
    • Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ technology
    • 3 sizes ultra strong elastic band
    • 8.4 grams sensor pod
    • Blue LEDs indicate when the sensor is pairing
    • Compatible with all popular Android and iOS cycling apps and all ANT+ bike computers.
    • CR2032 Coin cell battery provides up to 12 month battery life
    • Battery door for quick and easy changes


    TP5 Heart Rate Monitor Features:

    • Heart Rate 

    • Running Cadence

    • R-R Intervals

    • Bluetooth Low Energy

    • ANT+

    • CBA9™ ECG Chip

    • Ultra Lightweight under 13 grams

    • 900+ Hours batter life

    • Blue and Red LEDs

    • 30m (90f) Water Resistant 

    • BodyFit 3 or FF5 Ultra Soft Chest Belt

    • iOS & Android Fitness App Compatible

    • CR2032 Coin cell battery