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Cardiosport OEM Power Meter Service

We manufacture force, position and load sensors and strain gauges for gym equipment, manufacturing assets and bikes. All power meters and modules are manufactured to the customers specification using proprietary technology. Manufacturing bike power meters is a meticulous process requiring state of the art facilities and highly skilled production engineers. We take great pride in our ability to manufacture modules and other components for some of the most accurate bike power meters on the market, used by winning cycling teams and riders. 

Power Needs Experience

Manufacturing power meters, position and load sensors and strain gauges requires extensive training and highly experienced engineers. Over the years we have evolved from manufacturing components to modules and now complete product assembly. Learning the complexities of power meters from the ground up has given our specialist team the experience required to manufacture power meters for industry leading brands. 

Power Needs Investment

Power meters and their components require assembly in a dust free clean room. Substantial investment has ensured our facilities offer the best conditions for production and quality. Our engineers and technicians go through strict and thorough training programs to guarantee high standards of craftsmanship. 

Power Needs Accuracy

Accuracy is vital when it comes to power meters. Capturing power in Watts is one of the best ways of measuring cycling performance. We test that every power meter is calibrated correctly and achieves an error of <1%. To achieve this level of accuracy we have stringent Inbound and Outbound quality control on the materials used and the assembly room environment. 

Power Needs Durability

Power meters are a premium bike accessory and need to last. Whether the user cycles thousands of miles a year cross country or on a bike trainer, power meters must be durable. This is why we invest heavily in facilities, training and testing to ensure we deliver durable power meters for our customers.

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