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Cardiosport Equine Heart Rate Monitors

For racehorse owners there is nothing more important than the health of your horses. For years, Cardiosport has been providing bespoke equine heart rate monitor packages for racehorse owners throughout the world. A heart rate monitor is the best way of monitoring the health, recovery time, effort and efficiency of horses when training and recovering from races. Detailed heart rate data enables trainers to track the fitness and wellness of their horses and structure their training plans accordingly. 


We understand that each horse is unique and that one heart rate monitor does not always fit all horses. That is why Cardiosport offers bespoke equine heart rate monitors tailored to your horses, so that the data you gather is always accurate and reliable. 


Similar to the Cardiosport CardioZone heart rate training programme, we developed an equine heart rate zone guide to help trainers and owners understand the ideal training zones for their horses.   

We offer bespoke equine heart rate monitors tailored to your specific needs, whether it is competitive racing, show jumping or dressage. For more information and enquiries please get in contact with us at 

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