TP5+ is an all-in-one workout companion combining a heart rate monitor, stride sensor and fitness tracker into one device. Recording: heart rate, running pace, speed/distance, running and cycling cadence, internal memory storage, tap to count laps and third party app compatibility. Featuring programmable LEDs to show heart rate zones, pairing, heart rate detection and data sync. Ideal for indoor and outdoor workouts, cyclists, runners and swimmers who enjoy exercising with and without their phone or smart watch. Dual Band Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ technology means TP5+ works with most popular fitness apps and ANT+ devices and can be adapted to suit your brands specific requirements.


Dual Technology: Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 SoC enables Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ with NFC. Connecting TP5+ to iOS/Android smart phones, bike computers, running watches and gym software hubs.


Visible Connection: Equipped with 3 colour LED lights, TP5+ flashes Blue when pairing, RED when detecting heart beats and can even be programmed to change colour with exercise intensity.


Memory: Internal memory storage means you can leave your phone or watch behind and record your heart rate, calorie burn and workout duration device free.


Stride Sensor: TP5+ is the only heart rate monitor that tracks your running cadence, pace and distance and broadcasts in dual Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ to multiple running apps and ANT+ devices. 


Treadmill Mode: TP5+ works as both a heart rate monitor and stride sensor tracking running pace, distance and cadence when running on a treadmill.


Motion Sensor: TP5+ features a 3D G sensor and 3D Gyroscope tracking even the slightest body movements. Ideal for monitoring running and cycling form, cycling tilt angle, rep counting, indoor cycling cadence and many more functions. 


Temperature: TP5+ can be fitted with a temperature sensor letting you know when training conditions are reaching critical temperature.

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Record your heart rate, running dynamics, pace, cadence, calories and distance on your smart phone/watch or ANT+ device. TP5+ can save your run heart rate, calories and time using internal memory and sync to your smart phone/watch when finished.


Tracking accurate heart rate while cycling is vital for both training and racing. TP5 is extremely lightweight and comfortable and boasts 600 hours battery life. Dual Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ enables compatibility with all ANT+ bike computers and popular smart phone/watch apps.


TP5+ was designed with swimmers in mind, tracking and recording heart rate, laps and calories without a watch. Featuring, internal memory and dual Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+, TP5+ can sync more than 12 hours of recorded data to specific iOS and Android fitness apps.


Take TP5+ to your Indoor bike class and record heart rate, calories and cadence (RPM) on a smart phone/watch. You can also leave your phone behind and use TP5 on its own or pair to any ANT+ indoor bike console. Including: Startrac, Schwinn, Bodybike, Real Ryder, Stages and many more.


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a vital method of assessing your heart health, the effects of stress on the body and cardiovascular development. TP5 features advanced proprietary beat-to-beat heart rate detection and works with leading HRV training platform, ithlete.


Make the most out of your treadmill runs with Zwift. Enter Run mode, pair TP5 to your phone/tablet to activate your avatar and track your heart rate, calories, pace, speed and distance. Now you can run in a virtual world with thousands of other runners.


TP5+ features ANT+ Heart Rate Running Dynamics Device Profile designed to give you an in-depth insight into your running form and efficiency. The internal accelerometer measures thousands of movements a second and is constantly analysing every aspect of your run and broadcasts the data in real time to multiple ANT+ running dynamics enabled Garmin watches. 

ANT+ Running Dynamics Explained:

  • Cadence - Number of steps per minute (spm)

  • Vertical Oscillation - How much bounce in your step (mm) - Measurement of running efficiency 

  • Ground Contact Time - How long your feet are in contact with the ground (ms)

  • Step Count - Total number of steps in a workout

  • Ground Contact Balance - Measures the Left / Right leg bias in your step (%) - Measurement of running efficiency 

  • Vertical Ratio - The ratio of Vertical Oscillation : Step length - Measurement of running efficiency 

  • Step Length - How long your steps are Left to Right or Right to Left (mm)

Compatible ANT+ Heat Rate Dynamics and Running Dynamics devices:

  • Garmin Forerunner 620 

  • Garmin FR630

  • Garmin Fenix 2

  • Garmin Fenix 3/3HR

  • Garmin FR920XT

  • Garmin FR735XT

  • Garmin FR935

  • Garmin Fenix 5/5X/5S

  • Wahoo Fitness iOS/Android App

  • Garmin Connect IQ





Technical Features

Heart Rate

R-R Intervals

600+ Hour Battery

Running Metrics



Internal Memory 



 Programmable LED Lights



Replaceable CR2032 Battery

ANT+ Running Dynamics



Bluetooth Low Energy & ANT+




Indoor Cycling Cadence (RPM)



Tap for lap/start



Multiple App Compatibility

IPX7 Water & Sweat Proof



iOS/Android Compatible

Fitness Apps

Map My Run       Kinomap         Wahoo Fitness     Polar Beat            Peloton

The Sufferfest  Map My Ride       Trainerroad         Cyclemeter            Zwift

Dual Band Technology

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