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Cardiosport Gold /Silver Indoor Bike Console user manual with magnet-less Cadence sensor.

How to install the Indoor Bike Console 

  • Attach the Bike Console to the mount using the 3 screws provided

  • Attach the mount to the handle bars so that the console is facing forwardand in the center of the handle bars

  • Indoor bike handle bar styles can vary greatly and you may need to adjust the mount position to get the best attachment and visibility of the Bike Console.

How to set up the Gold Indoor Bike Console

  • To activate the console press any button

  • For setting Mode: Long press the top left button to adjust values using up/down keys on the right. Press the top left button to set Age and MHR (Maximum Heart Rate) if known. Then to finish personal info set up press the to left button again.

  • Pair Heart Rate Monitor: Press bottom left button to search for heart rate monitor. (Move within 12"/30cm to the consoel for proximity pairing.

  • Press 'Start/Pause' button to start/pause workout

  • During workout you can see Current RPM, Average RPM, Current Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate, Heart Rate Intensity (% Max HR) in the top two screens, plus user controlled data in the Training screen


  • Press bottom left button to change data shown in Training screen during exercise (Time, Distance or Scan)

How to install the ANT+ Cadence sensors

 The process of installing ANT+ sensors can vary depending on the style and brand of indoor bike you have. Some bikes make it impossible to install the Cadence sensor on the bikes flywheel and others make it easy. 

  • Depending on bike style attach the sensor to an area of the frame that runs parallel to the flywheel.

  • Then attach the magnet to the flywheel so that when rotated the magnet is inline with the sensor and the sensor LED lights up.


  • If it is not possible to mount the sensor and magnet to the flywheel you can use the crank arms for cadence detection.

  • Attach the cadence sensor to the bike frame running parallel to the crank arms using the cable ties provided.

  • Then, depending on style of bike, attach the magnet to the crank arm using the cable ties provided and make sure the magnet is inline with the sensor. Rotate the crank arms to check the sensor's LED light flashes with each rotation.

How to pair a ANT+ heart rate monitor watch (Garmin)

How to pair ANT+ sensors to the Indoor Bike Console

  • The Gold Console is supplied with a flywheel sensor that is mounted to the bikes frame and measures fly wheel and crank rotations.

  • Rotate the pedals to activate the sensors which will then pair to the Gold console automatically. ​

  • To pair to a ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor, press and hold the bottom left button and move the heart rate monitor within 12"/30cm from the console. 

  • The Gold Console can also be used with a heritage 5.4kHz analogue heart rate monitor 

  • There is no need to repair your ANT+ sensor to the Bike Console because it will automatically pair when the same sensor is activated.

Changing the Indoor Bike Console batteries

If you need to replace the battery follow these easy steps.

  • Remove the console from the mount by unscrewing the 3 screws in the back of the console.

  • Remove the battery door by gently pressing on the battery door opening until the door becomes lose.

  • Remove the old batteries and replace with 3 new AAA batteries

  • Re-attach the battery door and rotate until the door is firmly shut

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