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Optic™ is a lightweight and accurate Bluetooth and ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Arm Band. Designed for optimal comfort and battery life, Optic can be used in a wide range of sporting applications, connecting to all Bluetooth and ANT+ bike computers/watches, gym equipment and iOS/Android fitness apps. 


With up to 18 hours battery life, you can workout for longer and more often between charging.

The adjustable nylon armband ensures a secure and comfortable fit on either forearm or bicep. 

Using a combination of state of the art PPG sensor technology and Cardiosport® ECG heart rate algorithms, ensures unbeatable accuracy on a wide range of users. 


Heart rate zones are indicated with a 5 colour LED light on the top of the pod. As you change between heart rate zones, the LED lights will change from Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple and Red. 


To make sure you don't over train, Optic will even vibrate gently and flash Red when you frequently train over 95% of maximum heart rate. 

Optic™ also connects with Apple and Garmin watches to display heart rate and calorie burn data in real time.


Magnetic USB fast charger can complete a full charge in just 20 minutes. 

Optic Bluetooth / ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband. Size S -XL.

VAT Included
    • Bluetooth and ANT+ wirless connectivity
    • 18 hours battery life
    • 5 colour LED heart rate zone indicator
    • Precise PPF optical sensor
    • Adjustable nylon armband 
    • Vibration indicator
    • IPX6 water resistant
    • Magnetic USB charger 
    • Unique device ID printed onto thje lower case