Tracking your speed and distance has never been easier with SOLO Magnet-less Speed Sensor. Simply attach the speed sensor to the front or rear wheel hub using one ultra-strong rubber band - and you're good to go. Using both Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ technology, the sensor is compatible with all popular Android and iOS cycling apps and ANT+ bike computers. No Magnets, No Cable Ties and No Worries.


SOLO Speed sensor is ideal for both indoor turbo trainer sessions, outdoor road bikes and even mountain bikes. Ultra-strong rubber bands hold sensors flush to the wheel hub and in place even over the toughest terrain.


Benefits of SOLO:

  • Takes seconds to install
  • Easy to transfer between bikes
  • No cable ties needed
  • Small and Light 
  • Compatible with all wheel sizes
  • Easy battery change


Important Information: SOLO Speed & Cadence Sensors are shipped with a battery isolator sticker to preserve the battery life during transit. Please follow the instructions and remove the battery isolator sticker before trying to use.

SOLO Bike Speed Sensor

  • Solo Speed Sensor is a light weight and compact sensor that uses an accelerometer instead of magnets to record accurate speed and distance data, fitting to either front or rear wheel hubs using one ultra strong elastic band. 



    • Speed range: 3-55 mph
    • Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ technology
    • 3 sizes ultra strong elastic band
    • 8.4 grams sensor pod
    • Blue LEDs indicate when the sensor is pairing
    • Compatible with all popular Android and iOS cycling apps and all ANT+ bike computers.
    • CR2032 lithium ion battery provides up to 12 month battery life
    • Battery door for quick and easy changes



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