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The Indoor Bike Console Bundle is the ideal way of upgrading a standard indoor exercise bike. Designed to retrofit to almost any indoor exercise bike, the sensor suit is compatible with all popular indoor bike brands and styles. The dual Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors detect and record, heart rate, RPM, distance, calories and workout time on the indoor bike console and on any popular iOS/Android fitness app simultaneously. 


The Indoor Bike Console Bundle Kit is easy to install and can be up and running in minutes. The SOLO Cadence Sensor attaches to the left side crank arm in seconds using one ultra-strong elastic band. No magnets, no cable ties, no problem. If the clearance between the crank arm and the bike is tight, you can even use the SOLO sensor without the case and simply stick in to the crank arm using double sided tape.


Now you can see all your training data on the large clear console display and record the data to your favourite iOS/Android fitness app at the same time. The Smart Indoor Bike Sensor Suite clearly displays your heart rate, % of Maximum heart rate, calorie burn, total distance and key RPM stats. Cycling with accurate data helps you meet your calorie burn goals, stay motivated, track your progress and get the most out of your workout.


The Cardiosport Indoor Bike Console is a popular choice for health clubs, indoor bike classes and home use and is used by many leading indoor bike manufacturers. Designed to be robust and easy to use in a group fitness environment, the Indoor Bike Console is sweat proof and uses AAA batteries giving more than a years battery life. 


The indoor bike console features a clearly illuminated LCD screen displays:

Heart Rate

Average Heart Rate

% Maximum Heart Rate

Cadence (RPM)

Average Cadence (RPM)

Calories (Kcal)

Total Distance

Exercise time and a workout summary page

The Indoor Bike Console Kit Contains:
Cardiosport TP5 Bluetooth / ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor
Cardiosport Silver Indoor Bike Console (batteries included)
Cardiosport SOLO Bluetooth / ANT+ Cadence Sensor

Cardiosport universal handle bar console mount

Installation and User Guide


Important Information: SOLO Cadence Sensors are shipped with a battery isolator sticker to preserve the battery life during transit. Please follow the instructions and remove the battery isolator sticker before trying to use.

Indoor Bike Console Bundle with Heart Rate Monitor

VAT Included
  • The Indoor Bike Console Kit is an all in one retrofit bundle, designed to upgrade any existing indoor bike.


    Important: Please let us know the make, model and year of the indoor bike you have in the notes section of the checkout page.


    Smart Bike Console Bundle Features:

    • TP5 Bluetooth / ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor
    • SOLO Bluetooth / ANT+ Cadence Sensor
    • Sensors broadcast live heart rate, calories, RPM, total distance to both Indoor Bike Console and any iOS/Android cycling app
    • One touch start for RPM display 
    • Displays Heart Rate, % Maximum Heart Rate and Average Heart Rate
    • Displays Cadence (RPM) and Average Cadence 
    • Displays Calories (Kcal) burned  
    • Displays distance travelled (miles/km) and total distance summary
    • SCAN feature for automatic shifting between the 3 training measures: Time, Distance, and Calories
    • Bright LED screen light

    • Mode setting for adjusting personal data: age, weight, and ambient heart rate for accurate training results.