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Tracking your cycling cadence data has never been easier, simply attach SOLO Cadence Sensor to your crank arm using one ultra-strong elasticated rubber band you're good to go. Using dual band Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ technology the lightweight sensor works with all popular ANT+ bike/GPS computers, iOS and Android cycling apps. The tiny sensor can even attach to the inside or outside left crank arm using double sided tape. No Magnets, No Cable Ties and No Worries.


Click Here to see a review and installation of the SOLO Bike Cadence Sensor. 


SOLO Cadence is the ideal accessory for indoor bike trainer sessions and outdoor road or mountain bikes. Attached to the centre of the left crank arm with either the ultra-strong rubber bands provided or strong doubled sided tape, SOLO cadence provides accurate rpm readings in all conditions. The sensor is so easy to install, it only takes a few seconds and is compatible with any bike. It can transform your indoor gym cycling experience by pairing compatible with nearly all cycling apps. Great for keen cyclists who find themselves travelling without their bike, yet still want a good cycling workout in the gym. 


Benefits of SOLO:

  • Takes seconds to install on any style of bike (even gym bikes)
  • Easy to transfer between bikes
  • No cable ties needed
  • Small and Light 
  • Compatible with all wheel sizes
  • Easy battery change


Important Information: SOLO Speed & Cadence Sensors are shipped with a battery isolator sticker to preserve the battery life during transit. Please follow the instructions and remove the battery isolator sticker before trying to use.

SOLO Bike Cadence RPM Sensor, Bluetooth & ANT+

VAT Included